Super Mario Kart JMBattles '04 - Custom battle maps for Super Mario Kart (SNES)

These are some custom Mario Kart battle maps i created back in 2004.
There are two beach stages, a high speed jump track, and a harder circle course.
These courses are much faster pace than the original levels, but plenty of fun, with new strategies to win.

Download IPS Patch

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To use this patch with ZSNES, extract and put it in the folder where your save games go.
It is compatible with the USA ROM whose name matches the file.
To remove the modification, simply move the file somewhere else.

Edited with TrackDes

This editor is discontinued and does not work properly on Windows 7.
If you have XP and want to make some custom tracks of your own, this will do the job. however there may be other editors available for windows 7 users.

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Beach Maps

- Based on Koopa Beach 1 and 2.
- Very wide open areas for fast action
- Use deep water to avoid red shells, but do not linger under there too long or Lakitu will drop you out in the open.


High speed jump track

- Jump the grass for safety, it will stop red shells.
- Don't touch the grass, or Lakitu will put you in a corner, far from safety.
- This map can get very fast.
- As items near the center are used up, you will need to take more risks to get the ones further away.

Tough track

- Very difficult due to high amount of cover available
- Too many walls.

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