Feed the beast instructions

See world map here:


Done. Whim JuddMan to be whitelisted.

Read on if the above was not clear.

Java Version

First, make sure you've got the 64-bit version of Java 1.7 installed. To check, run "java -version" on the command line

To get the 64-bit version, go here: http://java.com/en/download/manual.jsp

Mod Pack Launcher

Next, go to http://feed-the-beast.com and download their launcher. I always use the JAR version but you can use the exe if you like

On the Mod Pack tab, The pack you want is: Monster (v1.1.0)
Change the version from Recommended, to 1.1.0 (in the drop-down next to the private packs button)

Click Options. Change the RAM Maximum to something more generous. 4GB or more is ideal. 2GB minimum

Download slow?

Change the Download Location to Los Angeles for a faster download.

Click Launch.

The pack might appear to stall after the download is complete. This is normal. Just be patient.